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The Client

Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital, in Canton, Ohio, is now a full member of the Cleveland Clinic health system. The 476-bed hospital is sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine and operates outpatient locations throughout Stark, Carroll and Tuscarawas counties.

The Customer Need

After joining the Cleveland Clinic health system, the hospital had new exterior signage installed. Scaffolding used during the sign installation needed to be removed from the front of the hospital.

It was important that scaffolding removal did not disrupt normal hospital operations or impede hospital traffic patterns.

The expected timeframe for the job completion was one day.

Solution Summary

CEI supplied a 45-ton boom truck and the skilled personnel for the job. In this case, the needed personnel included a crane operator and a rigger.

Case Study

When Mercy Hospital became a member of the Cleveland Clinic health system, the hospital used Ellet Neon Sales and Service for new building signage. Once the signs were installed, the signage company needed to remove the scaffolding used for installation. To complete the job, they looked for rigging companies and crane services in Ohio and decided to partner with Canton Erectors Inc. (CEI).

CEI was able to provide both the crane services and experienced personnel and get the job done in a timely fashion.

With any job, the first step is finding the crane best suited for the project. For this job, a 45-ton boom truck was the right fit. CEI has a full fleet of cranes - everything from 4-ton to 240-ton capacity and beyond. The CEI team can estimate precisely the best equipment for each project.

In addition to offering the right crane for the job, CEI provided skilled operators. All of the crane operators CEI employs are certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). CEI also provided a rigger to handle the hook up and disconnect of the rigging.

“Both the operator and the rigger have worked for CEI for years,” says Brian Selinsky, President of CEI. “Because of the low turnover on our team, the operators and riggers are very familiar with each other and the equipment. This gives them a level of cooperation that makes the job run even smoother.”

CEI always ensures all details are clearly worked out prior to starting a job, so they conferred with both Ellet Neon Sales and Service and the hospital. They obtained diagrams regarding where they could place the equipment, ensuring nothing prevented the normal flow of traffic around the hospital.

“The sign company needed the scaffolding removed safely and with the least amount of disruption for the hospital,” says Selinsky. “We were able to provide exactly what was needed.”

CEI offers free estimates, so customers are assured they’re getting the right equipment for the job. With a large fleet of cranes to choose from, CEI provides the exact crane needed for each job – no more and no less. This removes any pressure on the customer regarding selection of equipment.  

For an expert rigging company in Ohio or crane service in Ohio, contact CEI. We’ll provide exactly what you need to complete your job and our skilled operators will ensure a job well done. Contact us by completing the short form below.