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CEI Provides Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup


Greif is a world leader in manufacturing industrial packaging products and services. This 137 year old company has locations throughout the world, including Northeast Ohio. Greif relies on timely operation in their facilities, and takes great care to ensure the safety and happiness of its employees.


The summer of 2015 brought heavy storms through Northeast Ohio, and one July storm collapsed a portion of Greif’s Massillon facility roof. Production ceased immediately that Sunday while Greif began working toward safely fixing the damage.

One of the first calls for help was to Canton Erectors’ President, Brian Selinsky. Greif is a long-time customer of Canton Erectors and knew they had the equipment and operators in place to help safely clear the area.


Brian quickly went to the facility to assess damage, and by Monday had a crew in place to begin clean-up and repair. The self-dubbed “fire department of the rigging industry” first completed the all-important job of stabilizing the area before removing debris. After evaluating the damage carefully, Canton Erectors then provided a 110 Ton All Terrain Crane, a telescopic material handler, boom lifts, chop saws, torches and welders to finish the job.

Greif Industrial Packaging 


Because of Canton Erector’s speedy response and planning, clean up was completed within a week of the storm’s damage. The cleared area made it possible for Greif to finish repairs and resume work quickly, reducing lost production time and money.

Canton Erectors prides itself on its 24/7 emergency response capabilities. From train derailments to storm damage, Canton Erectors responds quickly to safely clean and clear areas. For immediate response to an urgent or emergency situation, call 330-915-7333. 


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