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NCCCO/CCO Standards & Training

For almost every industrial activity, there is an organization that is recognized as being the center of expertise. For crane operators, that organization is the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators. The NCCCO develops performance standards and provides independent assessments of crane operator knowledge and skills. The aims of the NCCCO organization include:

  • Enhance lifting equipment safety
  • Reduce workplace risk
  • Stimulate training
  • Recognize professionals who work in, with, and around cranes

NCCCO’s crane-related experience and exam-development knowledge is supplemented with input from both OSHA and ANSI/ASME. The results are sound, valid, and effective tests of operators' and associated trades' proficiency.

Crane operators able to pass the NCCCO test earn their Certification of Crane Operators card, a certification proudly held by every CEI crane operators. This certification assures that you will be working with some of the mostly highly trained, skilled and reliable lifting and rigging professionals available.

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