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How to Choose the Best Crane Services in Ohio

From crane rigging to heavy or industrial crane lifting services, including rough terrain needs, Canton Erectors Inc. (CEI) offers experience, skilled operators and exceptional service. But selecting a crane service is not something most people feel qualified to do. There are many options, and how do you know you’ll get the right equipment to meet your needs?

Fulfilling Crane Service Needs

If you need crane service in Ohio, and wonder how to choose, we have some suggestions. As a trusted source for crane services and rigging services nationwide, CEI has the industry experience and the substantial fleet necessary to handle a variety of projects. Whether you need small or large lifting services, CEI can provide the right equipment and NCCCO-certified operators.

So, what should you look for when choosing a company? The simplest answer is look for the company with the right equipment and the right people. Let’s provide a little more detail.

The Right Crane Equipment

  • Does the company have a well-maintained fleet?

At CEI, all of our equipment is frequently inspected, so you can be assured that any cranes we use for your project are in full working order, safe and ready to complete the job. We promise state-of-the-art tools and equipment for all of our projects.

  • Does the company offer a full range of crane equipment to meet precise needs?

Different jobs calls for different equipment. You don’t want to pay for larger equipment than needed, or not have the right size equipment to finish the job. CEI hasa full range of crane options, from 4-ton capacity to 240-ton capacity and beyond – whatever size project, we can find the right crane to complete it.

  • Will they offer free estimates to recommend the right crane for the job?

CEI provides free estimates. Our experienced estimators take the guesswork out of buying crane services.We will review the details of your project and then suggest the right crane for the job. You can be assured you won’t pay for more crane than you need.

  • What type of cranes do they offer?

At CEI, we have everything from small, industrial deck cranes that fit in small spaces to rough terrain cranes (known as RTs) that can easily get around construction sites that are more difficult for other cranes to traverse. We also have all-terrain cranes, which are large cranes that can travel on the road as well as through difficult terrain on-site and boom trucks that are economical and handy for things like setting trusses and changing out HVAC units.

The Right Crane Services Personnel

  • Are the operators NCCCO-certified?

Having qualified crane operators and experienced riggers is an important factor in choosing a crane service. All of CEI’s crane operators are certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). In addition, our low turnover means our operators and riggers are familiar with the equipment they use and work well together as a team. 

Highest Safety Standards

When looking for the best crane services in Ohio, consider the company’s commitment to safety standards. At CEI, we hold ourselves to the highest level of safety.

At CEI, we:

  • Adhere to all OSHA guidelines and rules
  • Have a team where all crane operators hold a Certified Crane Operators card from the NCCCO, demonstrating their knowledge and skills for safe crane operation
  • Have a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy
  • Perform constant safety evaluations, including field safety inspections and regular equipment inspections

These are just a few of the safety-related steps we take to ensure we remain accident and injury free.

Emergency Crane Services

When seeking Ohio crane service, consider the convenience of emergency services. CEI offers emergency crane services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need emergency crane services, or have storm damage cleanup, we can mobilize quickly.

Need Crane Services in Ohio?

For crane services or rigging services in Ohio, you can trust CEI, a family owned company with the nationwide service. We have the experience and the fleet to get the job done, on time and on budget. Request a quote for your next project.