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Top Tips for Heavy Hauling

If you need to haul heavy machinery, it can be tempting to try to handle the job yourself. Businesses often rent equipment to haul machinery, but you should consider the details related to safe and reliable heavy machinery transport.  

You’ve invested money in your heavy machinery, so why not protect your investment with the best possible transportation? Safely transporting a heavy load involves: 

  • Meticulous planning from start to finish 
  • Selection of the right trailer and hauling equipment to handle the load 
  • An experienced, trained driver and other personnel to secure the equipment 
  • An understanding of the laws and regulations related to hauling heavy equipment 

Here are some top tips for heavy hauling.  

Ensure your transportation can support your machinery.  

To determine if you can haul your heavy equipment properly, know the weight limit and the exact size of the transportation vehicle. Just because a piece of machinery fits your trailer doesn’t mean it can handle the weight load. Check both the dimensions and the weight limit for the trailer you select.  

Measure the size of your machinery accurately (length, width, height and weight), and choose a trailer that supports the load properly. This can be the difference between a successful haul and one that ends with damage to expensive new equipment.  

Use trained personnel for the job.  

Safely hauling heavy equipment requires more than knowing how to drive. Your driver must be trained and capable for safe, regulation-compliant transport. They need to secure the machinery, follow rules of the road that apply to large transports and, ideally, have heavy-load driver training.  

If you don’t understand the laws related to moving heavy equipment or the need to maintain the correct speed during transportation, it can be extremely dangerous. It is imperative to drive under the speed limit in some cases. Most trailers have a speed rating. Know that limit and follow it for the entire route.  

Get the proper permits.  

Hauling heavy machinery typically involves permits if you’re carrying an oversized load. Local laws and requirements vary depending on your location. They may change from state to state as you move through them. You need to check all regulations.   

Make sure your load is properly secured and marked.  

Large, heavy hauls may need flags, flashing lights and possibly an escort vehicle. You will need to secure your machinery, and there are regulations regarding how to tie down large pieces. Check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines.  

Find an Expert in Heavy Equipment Hauling  

If you need expert heavy machinery hauling, Canton Erectors Inc. (CEI) can handle the job. We have more than 50 years of experience, a skilled team and end-to-end project coordination. Need to keep your move within budget and arrive on time? We can do that, too.  

CEI can handle large dimensions and overweight loads and offers international crating and shipping services.  

With CEI, you get: 

  • A highly trained and skilled team. We can tackle every project with adherence to rigorous safety standards set by OSHA and ANSI. We have certified riggers, heavy haul movers and millwrights.  
  • The right equipment to handle the job. We offer full-service, end-to-end moving including project coordination. With a vast in-house fleet of boom trucks, forklifts and cranes, we have the equipment you need to complete the heavy haul job. 
  • The best protection for your equipment. When you invest in machinery, protect that investment with skilled heavy hauling services. You can count on CEI to safely secure your machinery. We have heavy machinery hauling expertise and equipment to ensure reliable transport.  

If you’re planning a factory relocation or need heavy equipment warehousing, CEI also offers warehousing services. We have 92,000 square feet of indoor heavy equipment storage.  

CEI is a leader in rigging and machinery moving. From single-machine moves to entire factory relocations, we offer turnkey solutions, including warehousing, crating and shipping, as well as certified welding and fabrication. Contact us today to talk about your heavy haul needs.