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Indoor Heavy Equipment Storage Facilities and Large Machinery Warehouse

Factory Relocation Assistance and Equipment Warehousing

For factory relocations where you need to store large pieces of equipment or for any heavy equipment storage needs, turn to Canton Erectors Inc. (CEI). We have machinery warehouses in two convenient locations, easily accessible by major freeways.  

Heavy Machinery Warehouse Space in Canton and Massillon 

Both of our warehouse facilities are located in Stark County. Our Canton, Ohio, warehouse has 33,000 square feet of indoor storage, and our Massillon, Ohio, warehouse has 92,000 square feet of indoor storage.  

Machinery is a large capital expenditure for any business. When storing and moving factory equipment, you need to know the people handling it are experts. CEI has years of experience. We also have all the space you need for heavy equipment storage to protect your investment.  

CEI offers: 

  • Heated and unheated storage options 
  • Indoor and outdoor storage options 
  • Safe and secure buildings monitored by security cameras
  • Month-to-month warehouse space rental
  • Short-term and long-term warehouse solutions 

We’re an experienced turnkey supplier, so we can unload, store and reload your machinery. You can trust your machinery will be handled properly and with care. 

Our industrial storage systems can accommodate warehousing of large-scale industrial equipment, including presses, conveyors, CNC machines and more.  

Machinery Warehousing for New Equipment Installs and Factory Relocations 

Our team provides turnkey solutions for everything from a single-machine move to an entire factory relocation. 

We can take receipt of new heavy equipment directly from an OEM and store it until you’re ready for installation. Or we can remove machinery from your original location and store it until a new location is ready.  

With the experienced team at CEI and our ample storage space, you have everything you need to ensure undamaged machinery storage and transportation.  

Why CEI? 

Unlike some standalone warehouse services, CEI has a dedicated team of experts to manage the factory relocation process, if you require it.  

We can provide: 

  • Heavy equipment crating and shipping  
  • Skilled millwrights to dismantle, install and repair heavy equipment 
  • Certified machinery movers and riggers for heavy haul transportation  

Factory relocations can be time-consuming and stressful. Machinery transportation and storage can be a tricky process to manage. But with CEI, you have a dedicated team on your side, with experts handling your machinery.  

Warehousing Space for Any Need 

CEI doesn’t just store heavy equipment. Our warehousing space is available for any needs. You can drop-ship a product to our warehouse, and we will keep it until you’re ready.   

Contact CEI for Heavy Equipment Warehousing 

If you need warehouse space for heavy equipment, CEI is your answer. We can find the best option for your machinery. And, if you need plant or factory relocation services, CEI can be a one-stop shop for moving a machine or an entire factory. Contact CEI today.