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Trailer hauling heavy equipment

How to Prepare for a Heavy Equipment Moving Project

6 Steps for a Successful Move

When it comes to heavy equipment moving, you need to prepare in order to have a safe and efficient move.

We’ve come up with six important steps that will set you up for a successful moving project. 

1. Select Your Equipment

First, you’ll need to assess your needs for moving heavy equipment. What will it take to get from Point A to Point B?

Consider the load amount compared to load and lifting limits of the moving equipment. You’ll also need to think about the need for wide load or overweight designation.

Finally, consider height and width limitations on your route. For example, if you have tall equipment being moved on a regular trailer, you might want to use a step-deck or lowboy trailer instead.

2. Equipment Risk Assessment

By doing a risk assessment of both the moving equipment and the heavy equipment being moved, you’ll lessen any potential hazards. This could include something as simple as latching doors so they won’t fly open while on the move to something more involved like disconnecting batteries and alarm systems.

Preparing and properly securing the heavy equipment for transportation will be critical in completing a successful move.

3. Route and Location Risk Assessment

In addition to assessing the equipment, you’ll also need to run through the route and the location where you will unload the heavy equipment.

This will help mitigate potential hazards and help you put a plan into place for the issues that can be fully resolved ahead of time.

4. Obtain Proper Permits

Don’t overlook obtaining the necessary permits needed to move the heavy equipment. You want to be sure you can legally begin and end the process without interruption due to a simple error.

5. Distribute PPE

When moving heavy equipment, it’s easy to see the large equipment being moved. What’s not as easy to see are the people who are part of the process, as well as those in the area. By distributing personal protective equipment (PPE), like hardhats and reflective vests, it will increase the safety of your team along the route.

You should also consider providing PPE for those at the loading and unloading sites who may not be part of the process. You want to ensure that the rest of the employees are safe as well.

6. Depend on a Trusted Heavy Haul Trucking Service

Whether you’re re-locating heavy equipment or getting new machinery delivered, you’ll want to work with a trusted and experienced heavy machinery mover.

At Canton Erectors, we specialize in heavy haul trucking services. We have the equipment and knowledge to handle a variety of heavy hauling needs.

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