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Three reasons you should outsource warehousing for your industrial machinery

Whether you’re relocating your manufacturing plant or replacing a single piece of machinery, finding a storage solution for your industrial equipment can pose a challenge. Rather than looking for a solution in-house, outsourcing your warehouse needs can provide several key benefits:

1. You’ll have more space

Finding storage in-house requires a significant amount of space and organization. It may seem like common sense but creating a new storage area often requires reassessing your current warehouse floor plan and investing in large storage fixtures like racks and shelves. By working with a third-party storage provider, you can save on space and eliminate any unnecessary disruption to your production line.

2. You’ll save costs on warehouse personnel and equipment

Storing heavy industrial machinery often requires specialized lifting and rigging equipment, which must be operated by a certified team. It’s often safer and more cost-effective for an organization to outsource this work to an experienced provider. 

3. You’ll protect your machinery

Protecting your machinery while it’s in long-term storage requires several preventative measures. Depending on the type of machine being stored, this might include adding a rust proof coating or inserting desiccant bags to help control moisture. An experience warehouse provider will recommend the appropriate protection for your machine. They will also have on-site security cameras in-place to prevent against theft or damage.


At Canton Erectors, we provide short-term and long-term storage solutions, specializing in heavy industrial machinery. At our locations in Canton and Massillon, Ohio, we have more than 70,000 square feet of warehouse space and more than eight acres of outdoor storage. We also have heated storage solutions, if needed. Learn more about our warehousing services and contact us to request a quote.