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Heavy Equipment Crating and Shipping Services

Industrial manufacturers rely on Canton Erectors for all their heavy equipment crating and shipping needs. With domestic and international heavy equipment shipping capabilities, Canton Erectors has the experienced team and lift equipment necessary to ensure the safe transport of your machinery, regardless of its size or weight up to 100 tons.

As part of our heavy equipment transport services, we provide specialty packaging to prevent movement, damage and rust to your machinery during shipping. This includes shrink wrapping, foam packaging, fabricated supports, bare metal surface protection and desiccant protection. From blocks and braces to shock donuts and meters, we take all the necessary precautions to protect your heavy equipment against damage during transport.

At our location, we have adjustable loading docks to receive your equipment at ground-level or dock-level. We skid, palletize and crate using ISPM-15 certified stamped wood to adhere to international shipping standards.

For added convenience, our team can also provide on-site crating service for your heavy machinery at your business location. We also offer indoor and outdoor warehousing and storage solutions for your machinery prior to transport.

Read our case study to learn how we've successfully shipped heavy machinery for companies just like yours. To request a quote, complete the form below or call us at 330-915-7333.

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